Casa do Menor Italy

Casa do Menor Italy is composed by the following bodies: President, Secretary, Treasury, Board of Directors, Shareholders’ Meeting.

The Shareholders’ Meeting has most of the decision making powers. It gathers at least once a year in order to approve the final balance sheet, it appoints the bodies of the Association, it takes decisions on any matter submitted by the Executive Council, it outlines the general guidelines of the Association.

The Association is administered by the Board of Directors which is composed by a minimum of three to a maximum of twenty people. All members of the Board are in charged for at least three years and may be re-elected. 

The Executive Council annually prepares the final balance sheet of the Association, and submits it to approval.

President of Casa do Menor Italy: Ing. Andrea Battaglia

Vice-president of Casa do Menor Italy: Father Renato Chiera 


The Operational Team

The soul, heart and body of Casa do Menor Italy.