Community projects

For community development in the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro

The projects

The “Construindo cidadania” and “Irma Celina” projects are both located in two areas that are very deprived both economically and socially and are focused on providing a school reinforcement service.

In addition to after-school activities, they offer dance, percussion and art workshops. One of the points that the projects increasingly develop is integration with the families of the children and young people in the community, trying to involve them in sports and manual activities.

The two centres work with two groups of children and young people, one in the morning and one in the afternoon:

  • breakfast and lunch are offered during the morning,
  • Lunch and snacks are offered to the afternoon group.

This service is extremely important, as in very poor areas the only meals the children and young people eat during the day are often those offered by the Casa do Menor projects.