Your donation is not just an act of solidarity, but a tool for transforming society.

Your donation is not just an act of solidarity, but a tool for transforming society.

Onlus since 1986

The title of Onlus offers to those who support us – through credit card donation, Satispay donation, bank donation and distance adoption – the possibility of benefiting from specific tax breaks whether they are private or corporate.

Tax benefits for individuals

An amount equal to 30 per cent of donations in cash or in kind, for a total amount, in each tax period, not exceeding 30,000 euros, may be deducted from the gross income tax of natural persons (Article 83, paragraph 1 of Legislative Decree 117/03.07.2017).

Tax relief for companies

Donations in cash or in kind from entities and companies are deductible from the total net income within the limit of 10 per cent of the total declared income (Article 83, 2nd paragraph D.Lgs. 117/03.07.2017)

1) Donation by Credit Card or Paypal
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I tuoi dati personali verranno utilizzati per elaborare la tua donazione, supportare la tua esperienza in questo sito Web e per altri scopi descritti nel nostro privacy policy.

2) Donation by Satispay

Click on the following link to donate directly from your smartphone: 

IMPORTANT: To benefit from the tax deduction, please download the donation receipt and send it, together with your tax code, to the following e-mail address:

3) Donation by Bank Transfer

Feel free to set your own fee and payment schedule and help us with a donation via the following accounts:

1. Postal Account n° 12237129 made out to “Casa do Menor Italia Onlus Ong”.

2. Bank account in the name of “Casa do Menor Italia Onlus Ong”:

Banca Alpi Marittime – IBAN: IT15 O 0845 0469 9000 0120 101331
Banca Cassa di Risparmio di Savigliano – IBAN: IT38 J 0630 5102 0000 0100 133905
Banca Intesa San Paolo – IBAN: IT18 V 0306 9469 9210 0000 001419
Unicredit Spa Bank – IBAN: IT69 V 0200 8464 8200 0102 011093
CAUSATION: Indicate “Liberal donation” to take advantage of tax benefits.



In order to take advantage of the tax benefits, we also invite you to send us your tax code by email to the following address:

“We need you to build a Brazil, and a world, in which all children can be happy and have hope for the future.”

4) Long-distance adoption

The upkeep of a child (food, clothing, school, medical care, etc.) taken in by Casa do Menor is around 1,000 euros a year, but it is possible to contribute less and to collaborate with a constant free fee.
The payments are symbolically destined to the sustenance of a shelter, which accommodates around 14 children and/or adolescents.

Casa do Menor Italia is accredited by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies – General Direction for the Third Sector and Social Formations – Distance Support.

We ask new adopters to write “FAMILY HOUSE ADOPTION” in the reason for payment.

A photo and description of one of the foster homes will be sent to you when you sign.