Our Philosophy

To grow up happy, children need to receive love from their family, need to have their basic needs satisfied, need to learn to love and need to have the opportunity to dream and to become the main actors of their destiny. 

Unfortunately the reality is different for many Brazilian children and young adults who are born in an unfair, harsh and excluding society, who grow up without the love of their family, without any future perspective and doomed to a life of violence, crime, drug traffic and premature death.

Casa do Menor was born to help the neglected and unloved children who are living this tragedy and for over 30 years has been trying, through love and opportunity, to change their destiny and to re-write their story with human and spiritual values, inspired by the Gospel.


  • We believe in the human being and in his capacity to change
  • we believe in the supreme value of life and in love as a powerful tool of transformation
  • We believe that the most important thing is to be PRESENT at the children’s side; this is our mission
  • We believe in solidarity and in the dialogue with all people who, despite their religion or belief, have dreams and values and are open to meeting and working with everyone, without false dogmas or intolerances
  • We believe in unity and fraternity, we believe in the respect of differences that enrich us. We have a universal, ecumenic, inter-religious catholic vision, that is open to the values of those who don’t believe in anything but who fight for something big


With shelter, integration and community development programs, Casa do Menor works in different Brazilian states:

Rio de Janeiro: Miguel Couto, Tinguà, Guaratiba, Rosa dos Ventos, Vila Claudia, Shangrila

Alagoas: Santana de Ipanema

Céara: Fortaleza, Pacatuba

Our Mission

Reach out to children, adolescents and their respective families, who are in a situation of social vulnerability, and help them with shelter and community development programs in order for them to find their place in society and to become the protagonists of their own future. 


In 30 years of presence on the Brazilian territory, we have helped more than 100000 children and adolescents:

  • More than 10 thousand have been sheltered in our family homes
  • More than 50 thousand have enrolled in our professional training courses
  • More than 1500 have taken part in the program Jovem Aprendiz and have been helped to find a job

To have more information: https://casadomenor.org/qui-sommes-nous/nos-actions/

Our Ambition

Our dream is to build a world with no more neglected children and in which everyone has a respectable and fair life.

We fight for this dream every day and we want to become more structured and qualified in order to increase our presence on the Brazilian territory and to improve the effectiveness of our actions. 

Our Values

SHELTER: accept everyone with joy and for who they are

PRESENCE: be someone who loves continuously and in any situation

FAMILY: create an environment of LOVE and SHARING that gives birth to life

TRUST: believe that the human being is good and that he can change, even if he has been hurt

COLLABORATION: all of us, if we work together, we can find solutions and alternatives to build something new and great

TRASPARENCY: communicate everything in a clear way in order to gain trust