Rescuing young and old from the hell of the deadliest drugs


A relatively recent reality, crack dens are places where people meet, and often live, who for various reasons start using crack. Crack is a cheap drug that comes in the form of a small stone and is almost immediately addictive.

Crack dens are usually located near train tracks, under bridges or in other secluded places.

A little weekly relief

For several years now, Padre Renato and Casa do Menor have taken an interest in this dramatic reality and, on a weekly basis, go to crack dens in the state of Rio de Janeiro, especially in the areas of Manguinhos and Jacarezinho.

Groups of volunteers, together with some priests and nuns who work in these areas, prepare sandwiches and drinks and try to bring some temporary relief to those who use this substance.

The days in the crack den are always very strong, offering food and drink, chatting and praying with these people who for one reason or another have fallen into the crack tunnel and lost everything. It is always very touching to see how these people welcome the volunteers and anyone who visits them. They are very enriching moments.